Monday, May 25, 2009

LoveToKnow: Social Networking
Social networking sites can be a great starting portal to blogging. LoveToKnow offers insider tips on getting the most from your social networking. Find out exactly what social networking is, how to start a blogging business and info on educational blogs for elementary children.
An Open Source program for web developers to use on their sites. WP offers an easy to use platform and many extras that can be downloaded. There are also templates and downloads available to change the look of your blog, some free and some available for purchase
How to Start a Blog
Easy to understand instructions about how to start a new blog. Outlines things such as free blog sites, templates and blogging freebies. Also find out how to write a fictional blog, how to write a famous blog and how to automate blogger blogs.
Google AdSense
Use Google's targeted advertising system to make money from your blog. Easy to ad to your site, some free sources, such as Blogger allow you to add Adsense automatically. Get all the Adsense basics and then apply for an account to get started.
Working Smart: How to Start a Blog
Delves into many topics related to starting a blog, such as choosing a theme and writing your first post. Also get some corporate blogging guidelines. In addition to blogging specific information, you'll find links and tips about services and extras and free blogging sites.
One of the more popular free blogging platforms available. Blogger is home to hundreds of thousands of blog users. Recently bought out by Google, this site is continuing to grow and add new features. You must sign up for an account to use Blogger, but it's free.
ProBlogger: Making Money
In depth look at ways to make money through blogging with analysis of how others have accomplished this task. The making money area covers programs like Adsense and Chitika, as well as other forms of advertising and multiple streams of income.
Vlogging at YouTube
YouTube seems to be on everyone's mind and in their mouths these days. From teens creating videos they shouldn't to tutorials to help you learn the latest dance craze, everyone is blogging at YouTube. Check out the video toolbox to get more info on putting your videos on the net.
Interested in adding a video to your blog? This is called video blogging or vlogging. This site will teach you how to create and upload a vlog to your blog. Read through the tutorial to find out how to set up the vlog. Be sure to read the article on compression to save space on your site.
Another free blog spot where you can share your most personal thoughts or just something light and wacky. You can also post photos, upload videos and share podcasts. You can even get feedback from other "thoughtful" users. Check out the community forum for any questions.
Teen Bloggers
Extensive article and resources on safe blogging sites for high school students. Delves into the different blogging sites for teens and how parents can keep kids safe. Also offers books on blogging, a wide variety of blogging categories and the latest headlines in the blogging world.
With their many different templates and professional look, Typepad helps you create a blog that will impress even the most experienced blog reader. Their interface is simple to use and publish and they even offer a 14 day free trial, so you can make sure you like their software.
5 Ways to Build a Better Blog
Tutorial offers ideas for improving an existing blog, increasing the number of visitors, improving blog posts and making more money. You may also want to read the articles "Banner Blindness Gets Creative" and "Social Media Marketing".
This is a blogging tool that installs right onto your website, instead of being hosted separately. This gives you more control over features and ownership. The site offers several demos, so you can see if the software is right for you.
Business Blogging
Blogging to promote your business is growing more and more popular. Most businesses now have a presence on the web, so it seems quick and easy to install a blog a well. Also offers business blogging video tips, so your company can get started in blogging.
Soul Cast
Many users love this site because it offers them the opportunity to post their uncensored thoughts and get feedback from other users. There is no charge to use You can even sign up to have ads on your blog and make a little extra money.
Blog Software Smackdown
Review and comparison of the top three blog programs. Check out information on important topics, such as how to stop blog comment spam, a pain in the neck to any blog site owner. You'll also find more details on specific programs.
40 Free Blog Hosts
This site lists free blog hosts and breaks down what each has to offer. You can even find out which hosts offer themes, which are easiest to use and which are most popular. You'll also find an article covering various Wordpress Plugins for Adsense.
Blog Tools
Once your blog is up and running and you have visitors surfing as fast as they can to your pages, you'll want to begin adding in some extras and features. This article runs down different tools for bloggers, and offers a summary of features.
Clear Blogs
A fairly new discovery, they offer some amazingly professional looking blog templates and free accounts. The guide offers many different tips for building a successful blog. Easy and free, 3-step registration process and you're ready to publish.